Cattle for Sale

Henning Farms will be offering cattle for sale by private treaty throughout the year. Watch this page for our updated sale information. Also if you need and type of hay or silage please contact Mike. We invite you to call us anytime to discuss our current sale listings.

Sale at the Stalls – September 24, 2022

We greatly appreciate the support of everyone involved. Please let us know if we can help with any questions in the future.

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Tag 55 – Henning BCII Sandy 2003
SCC Tradition of 24 x BCII Sandy 0215
Date of Birth: 01/12/2022
Registration Number: 20430145
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Tag 56 – Henning Lucy 2004
BCII Wrigley 0516 x Nords Lucy 7010
Date of Birth: 01/18/2022
Registration Number: 20430147
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Tag 57 – Hennning Proven Queen 2005
PVF Surveillance 4129 x Greimans Proven Queen 54
Date of Birth: 02/10/2022
Registration Number: 20430148
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Tag 58 – Henning BCII Sandy 2010
Conley No Limit x BCII Sandy 0215
Date of Birth: 03/08/2022
Registration Number: 20430146
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Tag 59 – Henning Sandy 2012
Henning Sandy 2012 x Henning BCII Sandy 0017
Date of Birth: 03/17/2022
Registration Number: 20430149
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Tag 60 – Henning RB Elba 2021
SCC SCH 24 Karat 838 x Gaffney Elba 260
Date of Birth: 04/02/2022
Registration Number: 20430150
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Conventional and Sexed Embryos Available for Sale

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